Department Highlights

Instrument Engineering and Design Program:

The world’s first master’s program in the field of instrument design, manufacturing, and maintenance. Professional technical instructors are employed to teach, combining the academic energy of the mechanical engineering department, opening up a brand new situation for the future of the world’s instrument industry. The professional teaching mechanical equipment and teaching laboratory are unique in Taiwan. Students will receive the most practical advanced technology training, and this program will become one of the very few instrument engineering education institutions in the world that can combine theoretical and practical education.

Popular and Commercial Music Composition Program:

The predecessor of this program, the Bachelor of Digital Music Application program, was the first degree program in Taiwan to focus on popular music. A team of professional instructors from the pop music industry, including lyricists, composers, arrangers, recording and mixing engineers, and record producers, is hired to teach. Two professional recording studios, a dedicated computer classroom for music composition and arrangement, a multimedia audiovisual studio, and multiple performance venues make this program’s equipment and facilities second to none. Students in this program apply their professional knowledge and skills to practical situations, enabling them to demonstrate their personal strengths and works when seeking employment in the future. Each student’s graduation project demonstrates their ability to produce a professional album.

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